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Rachelle Séguin

President and co-founder

Omy Laboratoires

Quebec young entrepreneur: growing enterprise

Rachelle Séguin

Passionate about science and cosmetics, Rachelle graduated from the cosmeceutical chemistry program at Laval University and holds a master's degree in pharmaceutical sciences on skin tissue engineering. Rachelle has over 10 years of industry experience particularly in active ingredient development.

In 2018, she co-founded Omy Laboratories, a company specializing in the sale, formulation and manufacturing of customized dermocosmetics. Her company sells internationally and employs over 30 people in Quebec. Rachelle has been recognized with numerous awards for her inspiring journey, including the JCCQ Young Business Personality Award and the ADRIQ Young Innovative Company Award.

With her company, Rachelle aspires to become the new hub of Canadian innovation in dermocosmetics through personalization and artificial intelligence. She hopes to inspire young students to opt for science and start their own business.

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