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Vanessa Blouin

Director of Quality, Performance and Partnerships


Quebec Young Executive

Vanessa Blouin

Vanessa had eight years of entrepreneurial experience as a franchisee and operations manager before making the leap into the social world. It was her volunteer involvement with the Tel-jeunes Foundation, a cause that is very close to her heart, that motivated her to join their team in 2017 to increase its impact with youth. By undertaking technological shifts and major organizational changes, she is working tirelessly to put in place the Tel-jeunes of tomorrow. A participant in the City of Montreal's Parcours Innovation in 2019, she stands out for her involvement in activities, winning the Pitch competition and forging strong ties with several partners.

Her collaborative leadership makes her an ally to her employees in order to successfully carry out her projects. This dedicated and passionate social intrapreneur makes sure to make a difference in everything she does!

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