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Pascale Jodoin

Co-director and producer

Le Patin Libre

Quebec Young Entrepreneur: Arts and Culture

Pascale Jodoin

Pascale Jodoin is a co-founding artist of Patin Libre.

As a skater, she never conformed to the stereotype of the skater. She fed the artistic progression of the group. Entrepreneurial and audacious, she quickly surpassed her role as an artist. Pascale quickly took charge of the touring logistics of the young company, allowing it to rapidly expand into export. She has also shown tact and patience in managing difficult projects in Quebec: self-produced show series, community involvement, partnerships with municipalities and local presenters, etc. Now, Pascale is at the heart of all our operations and decision-making processes. Among other things, she is playing a key role in the Montreal rollout of our new skating rink-theatre, negotiating agreements with potential partner sites, major sponsors and clients who will come to enjoy this innovative and environmentally friendly winter outdoor venue.

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