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Judith Fetzer

President and co-founder

Cook It

Quebec Young Entrepreneur: Growing Enterprise

Judith Fetzer

Judith Fetzer founded Cook it, Canada's first-ever ready-to-eat food company, with the humble intention of changing people's lives by reducing the mental burden of meal planning and reducing food waste. The forerunner of a revolution in the food industry, the woman who seduced the Dragons and was adopted by Alain Bouchard (Adopte Inc.), now finds herself at the head of a large family of over 700 employees, following the acquisition of Kuisto and Miss Fresh. His unifying leadership has enabled him to lead several successful projects and to encourage the next generation of women entrepreneurs, his hobbyhorse. Thanks to her boundless ambition, Cook it was ranked 5th among Canadian companies offering the best online experience in the WOW 2020 Léger Marketing ranking and Canadian Business awarded her the Female Entrepreneur of the Year prize.

Honorary presidence


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