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Krystel Bourassa

President, Kinesiologist


Québec young self-employed individual

Krystel Bourassa

Some say that a meeting with Krystel Bourassa is equivalent to a massive dose of vitamins. It's probably because she loves to motivate people to get out of their comfort zone and reach their full physical and mental potential! A kinesiologist, author and founder of NeurOKrono (neurokrono.com), she combines her skills in neurocoaching and kinesiology to optimize people's health in their personal and professional lives. Passionate about her work, she wants to help people surpass themselves on the physical and cerebral levels according to their personality and interests. She is the author of the book Don't Wait for Cognitive Decline: Move for a Healthy Brain. She also believes that the continued growth of individuals is the key to their success, which is why she has developed unique health, wellness and self-improvement programs for businesses.

Honorary presidence


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