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Christopher Chancey


Divertissements ManaVoid Inc.

Québec Young Techno-Creative Leader

Christopher Chancey

With a graduate degree in game design and a strong work ethic, Christopher Chancey founded ManaVoid Entertainment in 2014, a video game development studio for PC and consoles. After launching his first successful title, he realized the importance of creating a group of independent video game producers in order to acquire the resources of major studios in terms of services, networking and business intelligence.

To this end, Christopher is one of the founding members of the Quebec Video Game Guild and holds the position of vice-president of the board of directors, representing today the entire video game industry: 220 studios and more than 13,000 jobs. In addition, he teaches game design and programming at two Québec universities and has been co-founder of a microprogram in entrepreneurship for video games since 2017.

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