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Laurence Dufour-Bouchard

Vice President and General Manager


Quebec Young Executive

Laurence Dufour-Bouchard

Laurence gets involved in every project with passion and rigor, determined to have a significant impact on society, making her a natural leader. She is VP, GM and partner at B2B/2GO, a business networking facilitator for events.

For the past 8 years, she has been developing her service offering and spreading her 100% Quebec expertise. Today, B2B/2GO enables companies from over 140 countries to collaborate! Its most recent project won the Creativity and Innovation Award from MPI Montreal/Quebec.

When the pandemic hit the event industry hard, Laurence developed a new service that not only allowed B2B/2GO to survive, but to grow and move the industry forward.

She is a volunteer member of the Let's Bond committee and organizes events to raise funds for awareness and research on mental illness.

Laurence was also a member of the Board of Directors of Pixcom, a major television producer here and internationally, for 3 years.

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