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Jean-Francois Kacou

Directeur général

Ville de Percé

Quebec Young Executive

Jean-Francois Kacou

Jean-Francois Kacou is the current Director General of the City of Percé. His atypical career path and the diversity of the mandates he has carried out have allowed him to acquire throughout his career a talent for economic development, change management, complex problem solving and diversification of organizations' revenue sources.

As Director General of Percé, Mr. Kacou plans, coordinates and controls the activities of all the city's departments. This is a major challenge in managing change for an effective urban transition in the economy of tomorrow. Mr. Kacou sits on several boards of directors and contributes through his advice and actions to the realization of initiatives aimed at the socio-economic development of our communities and the emancipation of youth in society.

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