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Hasina Razafindratandra

President and CEO

Code H™

Quebec young international leader

Hasina Razafindratandra

A trilingual consultant and coach operating at the intersection of four cultures (North American, Quebecois, French and Malagasy), Hasina Razafindratandra founded Code H™ - H for human - in 2017, whose mission is to ''fight against human waste™''.

Recognized for her ability to unite players from all backgrounds, reveal potential, harness talent and build bridges between worlds, Hasina Razafindratandra is a One Young World ambassador, a member of the Group of Thirty Diversity Leaders and a mentor with Montréal Relève. In 2020, she was appointed by the Council of Ministers to the Board of Directors of the Office Québec-monde pour la jeunesse and became Chair of the Human Resources Committee in 2022. Her leadership, entrepreneurial qualities and international experience regularly lead her to speak at conferences in Quebec and abroad.

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