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Gabrielle de Palma Demers



Quebec young self-employed individual

Gabrielle de Palma Demers

With a D.E.C. in arts and culture from Dawson College, a certificate in advertising from the Université de Montréal, and training in cultural organization management from the Goethe Institute, it has always been clear to Gabrielle that communications and creativity are essential levers for the advancement of our societies.

With an insatiable curiosity and an undeniable passion for philanthropy as well as environmental, social and cultural well-being, Gabrielle de Palma Demers has made her mark with Montreal start-ups and institutions such as the Mural Festival, the Lndmrk agency, as well as Groupe Lune Rouge, where she specializes in the entertainment, technology, innovation and cultural industries.

Driven by the desire to make stories worth seeing and hearing shine, Gabrielle founded depalma&co in 2020: a multidisciplinary branding and content creation studio with a wide range of bold collaborators serving companies and creators who care about the world of tomorrow.

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