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Ford Mckeown Larose

Co-founder and artistic director

Forward Movements

Quebec young entrepreneur: arts and culture

Ford Mckeown Larose

Montreal-born Haitian and street dance specialist, Ford Mckeown Larose stands out with his unique approach to Boogaloo/Popping. Proud of his Afro-descent, each of his steps reflect the rich heritages that inhabit him.

In 2015, he co-founded with Anaïs Gachet, the creation and production company Forward Movements. Anchored in the Saint-Michel neighborhood, the company he directs draws its roots from its artistic and cultural heritages, particularly from the various art forms linked to Hip Hop and Funk cultures. Applying the process of "remixes" of Hip Hop and RnB music from the 2000s, Ford revisits his artistic influences through the movement to reflect the imagination that drives him.

Whether it's by making young Montrealers dream through street dance or through the organization of large-scale international events, Forward Movements makes its work in Saint-Michel shine internationally.

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