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Briguel Mambu Dos Santos

Co-founder and General Manager

24H ChronoSports

Quebec young leader: social responsibility

Briguel Mambu Dos Santos

Arrived in Canada in 2003, Driguel Mambu Dos-Santos is of Congolese and Angolan origin. He is an ambitious young entrepreneur who stands out for his leadership, his interest in cultural diversity and living together. As soon as he arrived in Canada, he faced several challenges in order to adapt to his new environment.

This is how he co-founded the 24h Chronosports organization in 2016, whose mission is to bring together people from different backgrounds in order to highlight cultural diversity and facilitate the integration of young people through socialization activities as well as sports and cultural events.

These programs allow young immigrants to take their place in society. Driguel wishes to develop a sense of leadership in young people so that they can integrate into society, take initiatives and thus promote the rapprochement between cultures. He is the recipient of the Yvan-Caron Commitment Award presented by Desjardins.

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