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Anne Lagacé

CEO & creative director

La boîte interactive

Quebec young techno-creative leader

Anne Lagacé

Anne proposes to collectively take a new look at the beauty of what already surrounds us.

She co-founded The Interactive Box with the goal of creating innovative and surprising artistic experiences that have the power to transport through emotion. Since 2014, the creative studio has been developing intuitive and engaging concepts and then leading their implementation. Installations, exhibitions and scenographies that, in addition to energizing the common space, propose a reflection on this world in which we coexist.

Her studies in graphic design and interactive media communication have shaped her creative mind to propose multimedia works with a positive impact that are off the beaten path.

Anne is also the creator of the winning project of the NUMIX 2022 Grand Prize, rewarding excellence in digital creativity in Quebec. Her sensitive, relevant and generous approach has been recognized as exemplary and inspiring by her peers.

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