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Angélique Marguerite Berthe Diène

Executive Director

R Magazine

Quebec young entrepreneur: arts and culture

Angélique Marguerite Berthe Diène

Angélique Marguerite Berthe Diène is a committed social entrepreneur. Like cats who have many lives, she likes to say that she has lived a few: in Senegal, France and Nicaragua with experiences in finance and various projects ranging from fashion to women's entrepreneurship, from social to agricultural. She then plunged into the world of the provincial police, at the Sûreté du Québec, where she is now an advisor at the Bureau of Firearms and Explosives Control.

She arrived in Canada in 2013 after nearly a decade spent in France, she works full time in Cheliel, an ethical and solidarity-based concept-store that draws its ideas essentially from all forms of art with its fashion creations, its bilingual and online social arts magazine and its pro-diversity eco-themed gift boxes that are intertwined in this universe that resides in the union of cultures, diversity and, of course, the arts.

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