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Mathieu Couture


Cyclistes solidaires

Quebec Young Leader: Social Responsibility

Mathieu Couture

Mathieu Couture is a proactive person who takes issues related to social inequalities and climate change to heart. He completed a master's degree in social innovation management at HEC Montreal, a course where questioning our capitalist system was greatly encouraged. Instead of being overwhelmed by the immensity of the work to be done to overthrow the system, he uses his energy to take concrete actions consistent with his values and thus contribute to making society more just and ecological.

In concrete terms, this energy is deployed in numerous projects such as the production of the podcast After the Break and the outreach of the Cyclistes solidaires initiative. Since the beginning of the health crisis, Mathieu has invested his free time in the development of a bicycle delivery service to promote food security for Montrealers. An initiative based on community involvement, active transportation and the collective!

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