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Marie-Hélène Bélanger Dumas

Artistic and General Director

La Fille Du Laitier

Quebec Young Entrepreneur: Arts and Culture

Marie-Hélène Bélanger Dumas

After training in theatre studies at Laval University and graduating from the National Theatre School of Canada with a diploma in acting, Marie-Hélène had this crazy, folkloric idea to do theater in a truck. To get closer, to surrender, to surprise, to suspend the passerby's routine for a moment, to tame, to demystify, to excite the fiber of curiosity. So in 2015 she founded the company La Fille Du Laitier; a delivery-theater service, of which she is the general director and co-artistic director. The company now has 3 creations in its glove compartment, including Caisse 606 and Macbeth Muet, which have won several awards and mentions in Canada and internationally.

As a performer, she works with established companies such as Bluff and Tout-à-Trac. In 2019, she joins the latter's team and performs Pinocchio (English version) during an important tour in China.

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