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Leslie Mbimbi

Co-founder & Executive Director

INSIDE Immigration

Quebec Young International Leader

Leslie Mbimbi

With 10 years of international experience, Leslie is a dynamic young leader. Passionate about international mobility and immigration, she creates bridges between Quebec and different countries in order to humanize and facilitate the accompaniment of talents from elsewhere for the benefit of companies here. Always attentive and rigorous in her work, her clients and partners appreciate her benevolence, her positive energy and her contagious good mood. Expatriation and the hiring of international workers are complex processes and Leslie thrives on finding solutions to overcome the challenges of welcoming and integrating them. A panelist and involved in various organizations, including the Femmessor Advisory Committee on Ethnocultural Diversity, Leslie is committed to inclusion. Each of her initiatives brings her closer and closer to her goal: to be an agent of change. Because it is in moments of crisis that we learn, that we reinvent ourselves, but above all that we grow, together.

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