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Rachel Billet

Executive Director

Machinerie des arts

Québec Young Entrepreneur: Arts and Culture

Rachel Billet

As a young, committed leader in the arts and culture sector, Rachel Billet believes in the need to deploy Montreal's creative vitality and to promote local artists. Concerned by the challenges of contemporary creation, fuelled by the pooling of resources and the strength of collaborations, she becomes in 2016 the Executive Director of the Machinerie des arts. This community of practice in the performing arts supports artistic entrepreneurs in their deployment with a diversified, personalized and inclusive approach.

She has been interested in innovative business models since her Master's degree in Arts and Cultural Trades in 2007. In order to understand all the facets of the same ecosystem, she has been involved in a number of organizations including: La 2e Porte à Gauche, l'Agora de la danse, les éditions Esse, Je suis Julio, le OFFTA. In 2019, the National Theatre School recognized the relevance of her involvement in the Artistic Leadership microprogram.

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