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Geneviève Bégin


Popup Camp

Jeune leader du Québec: responsabilité sociale

Geneviève Bégin

Obtaining her master's degree in visual communication in France in 2007, Geneviève became a freelance photographer in Paris, before returning to Quebec. Following the birth of her daughter, she changes her career path and obtains her MBA from HEC Montreal in 2014.

Her pink streak and her sparkling leadership style make a lasting impression. Businesswoman, mother and artist, Geneviève co-founded the company PopupCamp in 2015. This mobile daycare center is a turnkey solution for any event organizer, facilitating the work-leisure-family conciliation.

She sits on the board of directors of the Quartier de l'innovation de Montréal and the Coopérative L'Alliance. She has won the Prix Émérite AMBAQ-Desjardins 2015 and the Prix Entrepreneur émergent C2 Montréal.

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