A few tips prior to begin to fill your application form:

- The deadline to apply is April 25, 2023

- Be sure to validate that you are eligible for the category you have chosen (click here)

- The quality of your application will be taken into account during the jury deliberations

- All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required

- Read the evaluation grid and its lexicon before filling out the application form

- Complete the self-diagnosis

- In your sentences, use the first person (I) when referring to yourself

- Give concrete examples to complete your argument

- Please note that you can complete the form in French or in English

- We invite you to keep a copy of your application.

- If your application is selected, you will be required to make yourself available for your interview on the date determined for your interview during the morning sessions of the board of examiners that will take place from May 23 to June 5.

We are currently not accepting new referrals

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